What's New - Organosilicone Powder Introduction

2021, the Year of Skincare Innovation

APAC skincare retail market overview

Despite low per capital spend, China and Vietnam are high growth markets to watch with engaged skincare users. CAGR is far slower in mature markets of Japan and South Korea.


Natural formulas align with minimalist, vegan and eco trends

There has been a lot of focus on minimalist, eco, vegan during the ongoing pandemic. In personal care, waste-minimizing eco-friendly refills are trending across BPC markets, from deodorants to shaving products, fragrances, cosmetics and skincare.


Trendy Skincare with Silicone Applications

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Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), an American cosmetic raw material assessment agency, issued a report in 2001 confirming the safety of silicone in cosmetics.

Silicone powder is a kind of high molecular compound, not plastic microbeads or petroleum product. Our high molecular weight PDMS are initially depolymerized by soil hydrolysis of the siloxane bonds to yield organosilicon terminated oligomers, which are evaporated into silica, water, and CO2.

Key recommended products for skincare

BT-9162 Physical Compounded Elastomer Gel


BT-9102/BT-9105/ BT-9123 The Resin Wrapped Rubber


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