What's New - Regional promotion activities & updates on Chinese cosmetic regulations.

Distribution Promotional Activities

Beauty Product Innovation During the Pandemic Period

Despite the pandemic is still going on, beauty business is recovering in Asia. Brands have been innovating in the "mask friendly makeup" recipes, such as waterproof, foundation free formulas to bring more fun to the precautions .

Thailand Webinar with Mama Chem1.png

Bataichem has been helping our end customers worldwide with the most up-to-date cosmetic applications. In May this year, Mama Chem, our distribution partner in Thailand, has actively organized a webinar majorly focusing on new color cosmetic delights to catch up the latest market trends with our silicone solutions.

We have devoted to the research of silicone structure and its interaction to sensorial feelings which enabledus to come out with a series of formulation with “light, soft, powdery and long-lasting” performance for the

Thailand market..

Malaysia Webinar with CarePro


Moving Forward

We are grateful to see that our fellow distributors working all together in this severe time of COVID-19 to see

non-stop local promotional activities to show our merits of innovations in silicone sensory and applications.

China Cosmetic Regulation Updates, 2021 

China’s Beauty Market Continues to Grow

3.pngSource: National Bureau of Statistics

Cosmetics Registration and Notification5.png

In April, China NMPA issued an announcement, as from May 1, 2021, cosmetics registration and notification

in China shall comply with the new regulations: Administrative Measures on Cosmetics Registration and

Notification, and Provisions for Management of Cosmetic Registration and Notification Dossiers.

How to Apply for Registration and Notification?


The Startup Time of Cosmetics Registration and Notification

From May 1, 2021: Restriction on 《Cosmetic safety technical specification》, quasi preservatives, quasi

coloring agents, quasi sunscreen and quasi hair coloring agent.

From May 1, 2022: Including anti-corrosion, sun protection, coloring, hair dyeing, raw materials for

removing freckle and whitening function.

From January 1, 2023: All categories of raw materials

From May 1, 2023: Supplement safety information about raw materials for registered or filed products.

More information or registration requirements, please check https://www.nmpa.gov.cn

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