Skin care
When Skin Care Met Silicone

Silicone benefit the skin for their conditioning properties and ability to prevent water loss by creating a breathable barrier. They can make the skin appear smoother and more radiant due to their light reflective properties and ability to fill in lines and pores.


Silicone Sensory Solutions

Combing the unique three-dimensional structure of silicone, the whole  products  deliver  potent ingredients in an ultra-lightweight form, with a light as air finish.

Fill Fine lines, moisturizing and skin sensory enhancer
BT-9055 BT-9081
Optical covering, absorption of sebum and improve the malleability
BT-9102 BT-9101 BT-9276
Improve the freshness, moisturizing and non-greasy
Excellent adhesion and flexibility, and form a protective layer of film
Bataichem has been receiving national innovation and enterprise awards to fulfill the domestic and overseas demands.
Silicone Sensory Solutions
Water Resistance
Long Wear
Color Protection
Spreadability Enhancer
Sensory Enhancement
Dramatic Optical Effects