Sun screen
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Reflective of the interest in natural, eco and 'safe' sunscreen is the rise in mineral sunscreen ingredients (eg titanium dioxide and zinc oxide); while chemical ones have largely declined. 

New Solutions for High Performance Sun Care Applications

Sunscreen products and formula characteristics: its  formula  generally  contains  chemical  sunscreen agents or physical sunscreen agents, emulsifiers, suspension agents, film-forming agents and so on. One of the obvious characteristics of these raw materials is that they are sticky and greasy, while consumers prefer products with high sunscreen index, refreshing and good water resistance properties.

Composite Powders
BT-9102 BT-9101
Composite Powder
Elastomer Gel
Caprylyl Methicone
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Silicone Sensory Solutions
Water Resistance
Long Wear
Color Protection
Spreadability Enhancer
Sensory Enhancement
Dramatic Optical Effects